CorionX Liquidity Providers (LPs) Registration Form
If you have provided liquidity on Uniswap, please submit the address you sent the funds from to the pool, following details and you will receive the rewards according to the Incentive Program. The minimum Lock-up period is 30 days. Your reward will be sent at the end of the lockup period.


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💡Welcome to CorionX Official Global Community

📯 What is CorionX?

♦️CorionX as a utility token stands for the adoption, usage, and spreading of stablecoins, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), Crypto, and Decentralized Finance (Defi) solutions daily life to as digital programmable money. CorionX provides benefits in the usage of stablecoins and Defi cryptos to its users, helps people to recognize a much cheaper, safer, and globally available financial solution.

♦️CorionX users can use partners and white label infrastructures in more favorable conditions.

♦️ Corian token holders are entitled to be rewarded 2.5% quarterly in the loyalty Staking Program. Acquire, Stake, Use! Join the #MoneyInTheRightDirection Movement!

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The real CorionX token address is :